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Crocodile Cage Diving


Dive with Nile Crocodiles and get up close and personal with these apex predators in their underwater environment.



We invite you and the whole family to pay us a visit and explore the facts and fiction surrounding crocodiles, view elegant cheetahs and giggle at the antics of our Bengal tiger cubs. For the adventurous we offer face to face encounters with wildlife in our Natural Encounters programe where you can touch a cheetah, enjoy the closeness of a tiger cub, wrap yourself in a python and even dive with Nile crocodiles. Croc Cage Diving is a world first offered at the Cango Wildlife Ranch where visitors are lowered in a specially designed cage into a crystal clear heated pool inhabited by 4-meter crocodiles. A dive will last approximately 10 minutes.

Without you, the visitor, facilities like the Cango Wildlife Ranch would not be possible and without facilities like ours, wildlife will become yet another issue we wished we had paid more attention to when it was still possible.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by your guide who will inform you of when your tour will start. During your wait (which will not be more than half an hour ) you can view our snake park, lorikeet aviary, wallaby walkabout, kidszone, visit any one of our curio shops or have a bit to eat at one of our restaurants.

Your guided tour will take you through the Valley of Ancients with its variety of animals and reptiles then off to Cheetahland where you will meet our big cats. A tour will last around 60 minutes. We recommend visitors set aside at least 2 hours to experience everything we have to offer.


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