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Travel Tips

  • Don’t drive into the townships unassisted.
  • Drive on the left hand side of the road!! And don’t park on the opposite side of the road.
Table Mountain
  • If there is no cloud on the table top, take advantage of it to go up. It can be perfect weather and still have “the table cloth” on it.
  • Also, please don’t go hiking in bad weather! Stick to well known routes.
Summer Sun
  • In summer, use a SPF of 25 or higher. This is not the European sun. It bites back.


  • Stay aware and awake. You can go around Cape Town quite safely but, like all cities, there are criminal elements. They are minor here but as a precaution, stay where it is well lit and around people.
  • Drive with locked doors at night. Try and plan trips so that you know where you are going.
  • Don’t leave things on the beach when swimming. Ask a nice decent looking couple to keep an eye on it if need be.