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2 March 2010

Hello all!!

Thanks for all the support we are getting here at Absolute Adventures. I can see just how popular the AA letters really are πŸ˜› Some might think its cheeky to put your company in the phone book under AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) but you would be surprising just how willing some people are to do crazy things after a drink or two…and that said what better way to sober a person up than to tie a bungi cord around their ankles and throw them off the highest bridge in the world? None I hear you cry! And you are most correct. I have had a few people come back up swearing never to drink again in their lives, it is usually hidden behind a “I swear I’m gonna kill you!!” but I know what they really mean. And they have usually cooled off by the time the rope is untied.

Speaking of jumping we have the massive hype of the Pro-x coming up this weekend. The Ultimate X at the waterfront set up a taste of what is to come but was a great day out on its own. The boys at Pro-X have rented out the west coast show ranch and setting it up for a spectacular weekend out. They have planned a weekend of jumping, kicking and waking of new proportions. They have organised a few of the best local bands to come entertain the people till 2am to finish off Sat night with a bang and set up the mood for Sundays finals. I am definitely gonna be there and in the front row screaming my head off for the guys going crazy.

The site is growing like mad and I have advertising space on both the home page and the Whats-on section. If you are interested in either or both please don’t hesitate to shout and we can chat.

With the great weather around and winter fast approaching I recommend a trip to a river and some time paddling off the summer storage πŸ™‚

But have fun no matter what you do and please spread the word about an Absolute Adventure you just read about πŸ™‚