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20 march 2010
Hello guys and gals,
This week is one of a different kind. It’s one where we hit the club for a crazy party. The reason we heading that way instead of the normal outdoor wild things is because it’s National Cleavage day here in the RS of A!! That’s exciting why I ask you say? And I am not answering that silly question!!! The better news is that this year there might even be two!! The reasoning behind this is that normally it falls on the first weekend of April but alas it’s Easter that weekend this year so we have moved it back by a week to the 26th of March. But not everybody knows this so the 2nd of April will also be celebrated. So ladies you have a second chance to get out there and have some fun. But that said it is also done for a serious cause and not some males childhood fantasy that has come to fruit. It is set up to make people aware of breast cancer and to show our support to those who have it. So I know I will be definitely out supporting as many as I can for this cause. The idea is just that of cleavage and not necessarily walking around topless so it applies to all and not just the extremists amongst us. So bring out the good clean fun and show our support to those in need of it.
Thursday we will be heading to club Hemisphere where our good friend Siv is helping us out on the guest list and the DJ’s are going to be blowing away our minds with the wicked music and the views to die for. The club is on the 31st floor of the ABSA building in town central with views 360 degrees so even the Queen Mary 2 will be visible down in the harbour. So if you keen to join us and bring some friends please get hold of me and let’s make this party one to remember!!

On the outdoor note the seas are going to be flat and the wind ripping it up so surfing is out but kite-boarding is up big-time and lessons are a must. So please head over to our water sections and see what we can offer you and your pocket in the line of kite-boarding!! Remember a skill is something that is learnt and can never be taken away from you. So get out there and learn something new. If that scares you a little then wind wise try the blo-kart or something on dry land. Explore the site and find what suits you  Sealed