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Hello all,

Welcome to Absolute Adventures! The site is still in its developmental stages and is coming along slowly, but surely. I thank you for your patience.

On a more positive note, the launch at rocking the daisies was a blast. We had great support and love from all and we are feeling excited about the future. We are recruiting new companies on a daily basis and trying to get them loaded as soon as we can.

If there is anything you would like to do, but it’s not up yet, please just drop a email through and it will be arranged. If you know anyone who takes people on cool trips, please send me their details or them ours and we will gladly add them to the family!

Have a good one. And remember, “behave, and if you dont, please record it!”


Weather for week ahead:
Oct. 14 Wednesday Sunny 22°C very windy
Oct. 15 Thursday Scattered showers 18°C light breeze
Oct. 16 Friday Sunny 17°C light breeze
Oct. 17 Saturday Sunny 19°C mild wind
Oct. 18 Sunday Sunny 24°C fairly windy