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Hi all,

Absolute Adventures is finally getting to places it should have been months ago! A beginning 🙂

I have to start by saying a big thank you to the guys from AfriQuad. They took me out to the Atlantis dunes up the west coast to play on the dunes with some awesome quad bikes!! The guys are super professional and, with a steady start, put me on a beginner’s trail to get me finding my feet, just before I let it all go on the 60 ft dunes. Loads of fun. Just a word of advice-take sunglasses! I had mine eaten by the puppy lately and never got new ones.  It’s not the sun, but the sand that gets in the way…learn from others mistakes and even steal your mother’s if you have to!

Second big thanks goes out to the folks at Blue Rock Cable Ski guys out at Somerset wes. Called them at short notice and they made a huge effort to make a awesome day for myself and my guests from the Escape times section from the Cape Times. We had a great time at the dam and tried all that they had to offer (within sanity anyway). Started off with the knee boards to get the feels of the cable and the corners. Once we got around the first corner (after the 3rd try) we then decided that a professional wake board would be a lot easier…. I think the furthest anyone got was about 4m and that was not including the few metres of drag while u try to figure out how to let go of the cable 🙂

With the wind about now that its Jan, I recommend that you do anything and everything nice and early in the morning.

But try everything at least once and make sure you enjoy it!!!! Don’t live with regrets…

And, once again I apologise that the site is not as full as it should be. I am working around the clock to get the companies all in ASAP. Anything you would like to do, that you see as a possibility and the full details are not yet in, just email me and I’ll give you all the details necessary.

Thank you for your patience.