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20 Sept 2010

Greetings one and all!!

Yes I know it has been far too long since I scribbled my last blog. There are a thousand excuses but no real reason when you look at life properly so I will just apologise and change my ways. What made you change your mind and get into the swing of writing I hear you cry and well ladies and gents – spring. Yip the amazing grandeur of long sunny days and slight cool breezes blowing through. It is just the best time of the year in The Fair Cape aka Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town and all the Cape Townians have a habit of hibernating for the winter. Now that said we did have the World Cup soccer this winter so that really stirred things up, so we all took a massive dollop of chill after that. But many will do as I did and reawaken and ready to start the pre-summer with a bang.

My spring began by joining the good fellows out at a festival known as Earth Dance. It was my first full fledge trance party and it was, to say the least, one seriously amazing experience. I have been to the venue for a festival of a different sort earlier this year and it is one of my favourite in the cape area and I will definately be doing a few more this season. On that note I must bring up a first time festival, Trance Namibia, happening in Spitskoppe, Namibia from 1-5 April 2011. I know it’s really early to start mentioning it but I have to bring it to your attention so you plan your trip properly and reserve that date early enough to guarantee you are there. It is a friend of mine organising it so I urge you to help her out because it is happening for an amazing reason.

As for the adventure side of things well my earth is your play ground!! I am planning an amazing trip down the Garden route to try all the new adventures I have been adding over the winter. Winter is amazing but it really has nothing on the sunshine. So I will dust off the hibernation caps and go on a mission to places yet undiscovered and take you all away for the journey one way or another.

Till we meet in person I wish you all strength and speed in all the crazy things you get up too!!  🙂