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Sept 25, 2010

Hello guys n Gals,

As you can see from the intro title Cape Town is having its gusty windy time of the year. This is not an issue at all but does lend itself towards certain sports more than others. This is the time where skydiving and paragliding take a back seat but rather are replaced by Kite boarding, blowkarting and learning to surf. We have been having some of the best swells in Cape Town and up the coast for quite some time and it is the perfect time to get out onto the ocean. The part of the Cape I love the most is that there is never a dull quiet time with nothing to do. When one door closes another simply opens. That is why I have decided to set up the business I have to show you all the different possibilities that lay in my beautiful city and also in my beautiful country and our surrounding borders. So if you are sitting reading this going “I wish I had something to do!!!” please take this moment to slap yourself and get out there and book something. You can start safe and move up the crazy ranks if you so choose or you can just go straight to crazy 🙂

October is the month of festivals again. I know I’m not supposed to be biased but alas it is the time of my favourite local festival…..Rocking the Daisies(Oct 8.9.10). This is the one festival (I feel) that covers all the different style and genres of music and entertainment to bring all walks of life together in an awesome setting. It is the one place you know you are going to meet stacks of friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while and do the drunkard catch up session. That said the venue is perfect for all types of lifestyle being set on the Cloof Wine Estate which offers rolling meadows and a perfect dam just off the main dance floor which is the perfect cool off spot. So don’t forget your costumes and inflatable’s!

I must run as the ocean is calling my name but I will be back soon to give you the lowdown.