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Hi guys!

As you can see, the growth of the site has been phenominal! I would like to say a big thank you to all those getting involved and it will just keep growing. Same rules apply as before: if you know someone who does awesomely awesome adventure stuff, please send them my details or theirs to me. I follow up on all leads. My job is to make your South African experience the best that there is in our beautiful land. That said, I have been focusing on the Cape simply and purely because I live here and know the goings on. Therefore, if you live some place else, even EL, and cool things are happening, please let me know!

I have to give a big thank you to Mark at Blo-Kart. He took myself and my old man out to Melkbos beach (can be done in Sunset beach in Muizenberg) in gale force winds and told us to go play. As daunting as it seems to jump into a kart built for speed with no previous experience and winds of 50 km/h, we did it and it was very cool!!! And yes, we did have a few tumbles but it made the experience that much more enjoyable. It made me appreciate the time I was flying down the beach at Xkm/h and trying to remember what Mark said about stopping the thing with no breaks (oh thats right! You just push that there, twist this release, and do this and voila, a 10 metre power slide down the beach to a halt). Can you say VERY awesome 🙂  So yes, a big thank you to the guys. And once again I didn’t bring sunglasses so I got a bit of an eye full. I can hear you saying now “Will someone please just give this guy some sunnies already!!!” and I couldn’t agree more 🙂

So keep the stoke and having fun. I’ll be back shortly to update you on all the happenings.