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Wreck Scuba Diving Cape Town


Experience the beauty that stems from disaster by scuba diving on some of the magnificent submerged shipwrecks littered around Cape Town. Learn more about the history of these wrecks and interact with the abundant marine life that inhabit these artificial reefs.



Wreck Scuba Diving Cape Town

Wreck scuba diving in Cape Town is popular due to the number of shipwrecks available to dive on both the Atlantic and False Bay coasts.

The Cape coastal waters are littered with thousands of shipwrecks, recent and ancient, on the shore and in deep water. It’s not called the Cape of Storms for nothing!

But don’t worry, dives take into account the experience level of participants and vary from easy to technical.

Most of the shipwrecks are covered in an abundance of marine life and provide a magical underwater experience.

Notable Shipwrecks in Cape Town

Notable wrecks include: the Maori, the Astor, the Katzu Maru, the Smitswinkel Bay wrecks (of which there are five) and the SAS Pietermaritzburg. These commonly dived wrecks vary in depth and can range between 12m to 40m.

Please enquire for dive availability before booking if you have a specific wreck in mind and make sure to send your dive qualification level so that the dive-master can find the right wreck for you.

Wreck Diving Details

  • Max Depths: 12m – 40m
  • Water temp: 12 degrees C -18 degrees C
  • Water Visibility: 5m – 15m
  • Qualification: Open Water or above advised but snorkeling is possible




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