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Great White Shark Scuba Diving Course – 3 Days


Scuba Dive with Great Whites and learn from world renowned ‘Shark Man’, Mike Rutzen about the ecology of these marine predators. This three day diving adventure in Gansbaai will give you unprecedented access to the world of Great White Sharks and is a must for shark enthusiasts.



Great White Shark Scuba Diving Course

Experience the thrill of scuba diving with Great Whites out in the deep blue with renowned South African conservationist and filmmaker Mike Rutzen, ‘the Shark Man’.

If you are a shark fanatic then this is the all inclusive trip for you.

This unique diving experience with Great Whites takes place over three days and includes two Great White Shark cage dives as well as a Kelp forest dive with Cat Sharks.

In the evenings, Mike Rutzen hosts a series of lectures on the biology, ecology, behavior and conservation of the Great White Shark.

Enjoy three nights accommodation in four star lodgings with all meals included as well as picnic lunches on-board the diving boat and learn everything there is to know about these apex predators.


  • 2 x Great White Shark Cage Dives.
  • 1 x Scuba-Orientated Kelp Dive with Cat Sharks
  • 3 x night’s 4-Star accommodation
  • All meals inclusive (picnic lunch on the boat).
  • Transfers to and from Cape Town inclusive of pick up from guest house to harbour.
  • PADI certification card
  • 2 Evening lectures, hosted by Michael Rutzen

Michael Rutzen is famous for being one of the few people in the world who interacts with great white sharks outside the safety of a cage! This course will NOT teach you how to free dive with Great White Sharks, and at no time will you dive outside the cage with them!

Evening lectures are supported with breathtaking footage showing the complex social structure, body language and feeding behavior of this awesome marine predator.

If you thought you knew all about Great White Sharks, think again!

This adventure takes place in Gansbaai, South Africa. If you would like to book, please email us for trip dates and availability before booking.

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