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Hi All,

As you can clearly see we have had a minor glitch in the system during the latest system update and some of my Bloggs have been deleted. I look at this as a fresh start and a new beginning for bad spelling and fun stories.

This year has been a busy year with a fair amount of new adventures for even me here at Absolute Adventures. Crazy to think there a few new things I haven’t done yet but I have ticked off a few bucket list things again so i have been very grateful again.

The new things I have toyed with have been;

Shark Cage diving – I took 3 clients out to Gansbaai and finally jumped on the boat myself. We had a few spectacular sightings but as Murphy would have it about 30 minutes into the trip my battery died on my camera. But still got a few amazing shots of the medium sized guys. We did have a shark get his fin stuck in the cage just next to me so that was amazing. Wanted to reach out and tickle the pretty shark but my logic got the best of me and I kept my hands neatly tucked inside the cage.  un Jackpot BestCasinos Best

Zip lining in the Tistsikamma national park – Did a day session zipping around the tree tops with a client who, as it would be, was afraid of heights. Funny how the people afraid of heights always wants to get up high. But I am glad she did. Few bumps and buises and sudden stops as we zipped from amywhere between 9m to 30m. recommend it to everybody of all ages. Next time I am in the area I also want to do the Storms river tubing and some mountain biking but this journey didn’t lend time to do it all.

Surfing in the wild coast – Headed up to a little area called Chintsa just past East London and stayed at Buccaneers back packers. Spectacular place with the friendliest staff. We did have a few issues on the first night with the power lines in the area leaving us drinking beers at the bar in candle light but that created more of a vibe than a hinderance. The following day was a day filled with surfing, swimming and volleyball including free papsak (box wine) for those particiating or just in the area. A few more days would have lent time for SUP or kayaking up the river mouth but better to leave a reason to come back to such secluded special places than leave it all behind.

Addo elephant park – This was the biggest suprise of all the adventures of the trip up the garden route. After our guided tour it became known as the Addo “not so” elephant park as we did not manage to spot a single elephant in 3 hours of driving. Our guide was kind enough to tell us that we were only the 2nd group ever he has driven to not see a single elephant in the park with him. So thats a minor claim to fame even thou it doesnt help the ego. Why don’t they like me?? 😛 We did see a variety of other animals and it was a great and the place is definatley worth the visit. If you do go any miss elephants let me know and Ill speak to the owners and see if we can get a private trip to finally let that monkey off our back.

Crocodile cage diving – Yes you read that right, Crocodiles. This was a feeling like non other. I had done the sharks not long before so I was comparing the experience to that. The sharks are big and hunting machines but the general vibe that crodiles give off is far more intimidating. Tjey have a sense of death around them at all times, designed to kill at any second. I have definatley changed my mind about swimming in muddy rivers with crocs on the banks. The crocodiles are in pools designed for them but with clear water so you really do a feeling that they are right there with you. i am getting cold chills just thinking about te experience as I write this. But that said it is definatley soemting that a few people should try in their lives. My only major concern is that the crocodiles were in teh same animal park as wild cats and that the area for the cats to raom was no where near big enough for them. Despite a few questions and complaints from people on the tour with us the usual answers were given that were clearly intructed by management to deliver. I really do not like seeing wild cats or animals in small areas unless specifically to rehabilitate them for the wild or a breeding programme and for a short period.

Cango Caves – This was a once in a life time walk. I consider myself fit enough but am a slightly bigger guy than I would like to be, not fat just bigger than I would like to be. The reason I say this is because of the nooks and crannies that w had to crawl through for the reial through the caves in total was spectacular. I felt like a russian gymnast by the end of it all. I never in a million years thougth my body could bend twist and contort in those ways. i had to suck in the old beer belly on more than one aoccassion but it was definatley worth it. I hope i am not scaring off you with all the weird analogies and descriptions I am putting down here but I am being a bit dramatic. If you are a large man or woman then the adventure section of the route is not for you. some of the gaps are easily 15cms high and one has to be able to wiggle through them. The first two big caverns are spectacular with the natural rock formations and thereafter the advenrterous sections begins. If you are in the area or planning it please jump at the oppourtunity do it. You will thank me, unless you get stuck then you never read this 🙂

Those were the major highlights around Cape Town and up the garden route. As I keep enjoying life I will take you with me. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting up for a monumental moment of your life.