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Sky Dive Cape Town


Book your tandem skydiving adventure in Cape Town with top skydivers and experience the adrenaline rush of jumping out of a plane over the stunning West Coast of South Africa. Located just 45 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, this skydiving drop zone boasts incredible views of Table Mountain, Table Bay and the Cape Farmlands.



Sky Dive Cape Town – Tandem Skydiving

Sky diving is the ultimate joy-ride and a tandem jump is the way to go if you want to try it out before committing to a full course. Experience the thrill of free-fall without the effort of learning all the theory.

On a tandem jump, you are strapped to a Tandem Instructor with a special harness that’s attached to a specially designed parachute large enough to support both of you. After only 15 minutes of ground briefing you will enjoy a spectacular 20 minute aircraft ride, experiencing the finest views of the West Coast, Cape Town, Robben Island and Table Mountain.

Then it’s action time! Out the door for a 120mph/200kph freefall, falling about 25-30 seconds from 9,000ft or for about 35-40 seconds from 11,000ft. The Tandem Instructor opens the parachute at about 5000ft, and a peaceful 3-4 minute parachute ride to the ground follows.

If you’d like to capture the moment, the club has a video cameraman who can accompany you on your jump.

Things to remember:

  • A tandem jump requires that you’re in general good health.
  • The maximum weight for a tandem passenger is 100kg (220lbs/15.75 stone). Please note that this is the absolute maximum permissible weight. Passengers are weighed on arrival to facilitate loading of the aircraft.
  • Parental consent is required for jumpers under the age of 18.

Skydiving includes the following:

  • Briefing by qualified tandem master
  • Tandem Master’s Fee
  • Scenic Aircraft ride
  • Hire of equipment
  • Packing Fee


Please note that the skydive site does not have credit card facilities so please bring cash for the following additions:

  • Handi-cam – video plus stills………………………………R800.00


  • Cameraman’s Fee.
  • USB drive

Where is it?

West Coast, Cape Town, South Africa (45 minutes drive from CBD)

What times can I book?

Bookings are available from 8am-1pm daily depending on weather.

For more information please send us an enquiry.


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