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Quad, Dune Thrasher, Sandboarding Combo Atlantis Dunes


Get ready to roll on the Atlantis Dunes on this unforgettable Quad, Dune Thrasher and Sandboarding Combo that brings all the top adventure activities on the dunes together.

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Enjoy all the Atlantis Dunes have to offer on this 2hr Quad, Dune Thrasher and Sandboarding Combo deal.

Quad Biking Atlantis Dunes

Quad biking in Atlantis Dunes is an unforgettable experience set in the pristine Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve just 45 minutes from Cape Town city centre.

Enjoy a fast flowing half hour quad biking tour through the dunes and travel between 15 and 20km.

Our minimum age to operate a quad-bike unaided is 12 years old and 4 years old as a ride-along with a guide.

Dune Thrasher Sand Rail Atlantis Dunes

Get ready for an adrenaline pumping experience on this high-paced dune driving adventure aboard a unique 5.7litre 400HP V8 dune buggy, a one-of-a-kind vehicle exclusively designed for blasting through the sand dunes.

The Dune Thrasher is a fully imported, American-made, high performance sand rail car powered by a 5.7 litre V8 engine with fully independent air suspension to absorb the bumps. Constructed from a light-weight, high-tensile chromoly framework, it seats 4 passengers and a driver with full-spec racing seat belts.

This specially made vehicle is designed exclusively for driving on sand dunes and it can go up, down and sideways on dunes normal vehicles just can’t handle.

Its massive 400HP engine and light body means power wheelies and drifting through the sand are what it loves to do. So get ready to strap in and have your hair blown back while blasting through the dunes!

Sandboarding Atlantis Dunes

This 1hr sandboarding adventure takes you from learning the ropes to cruising down the dunes at high speeds that will get your adrenaline flowing fast. 4×4 transport into and up the dunes, equipment for all ages, shade shelter and training provided.

This is not as hard as you may initially think. Don’t worry if you have no previous experience with snow boarding or other board sports.  Our guides will show you everything you need to know to ensure you have an awesome day out on the dunes!

Trips depart at 13h00 daily.

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