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Reef Scuba Diving Cape Town


Explore the beauty of Cape Town from an underwater perspective while scuba diving on pristine reefs in Marine Protected Environments around the peninsula. Dive with endemic animals including seals, dolphins, reef fish, small sharks, octopuses, and crabs and view the beautiful nudibranches, kelp forests, sponges and cold water corals up close.



Reef Scuba Diving Cape Town

Dive in and around Cape Town to experience majestic kelp forests, cold-water coral gardens and deep reefs.

Underwater Floral Kingdom

The Western Cape is the smallest complete floral kingdom in the world.

This biodiversity is mirrored underwater with the unique positioning of the peninsula at the junction of two major ocean currents.

False Bay has also been recognised as a biodiversity hot-spot due to the numbers of endemic animals living in these waters.

Deep and Shallow Reefs

The shallower reefs are very colourful and are dominated by kelp forests with an under-storey of delicate marine organisms.

The deeper reefs host sea whips and fans, an abundance of reef fish, small sharks, octopuses, nudibranches, crabs, sponges and cold water corals.

Many of our reefs allow you to do really good multi-level dives, with depths between 10m and 30m.


  • Location: Cape Town – South Africa
  • Max Depths: 12m – 35m
  • Water temp: 12 degrees C -18 degrees C
  • Water Visibility: 5m – 15m
  • Qualification: Open Water or above advised but snorkeling is possible

Please enquire for dive availability and send us your dive level certification details to tailor the best experiences.


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