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Watch this awesome video of a group of experienced kloofers taking on Suicide Gorge.

This kloofing or canyoning adventure takes place in the mountains near Cape Town, South Africa.

Kloofing is the art of navigating a river gorge by wading, swimming and jumping into deep rock pools on the hike down.

There are some great angles of the jumps and scenery and it really gives you a good feel for what kloofing Suicide Gorge entails.

If you are scared of heights, swimming and big jumps, then this isn’t the mountain hike for you. You actually have to do most of these jumps!


Not for Novices

Please note that these are experienced individuals who know the canyon well and acrobatic jumps are not recommended.
The recommended way to jump off high ledges into pools is by landing with your feet first, keeping you body straight and your arms next to your sides. Landing with bent legs puts pressure on your lower back, which can lead to injury.

If you are thinking about going down Suicide Gorge it is crucial to take a guide who knows the route well. It is technical, requires a permit and the only way out is to follow the river canyon to the end.

Book a Trip

If you would like to go on a guided trip down Suicide Gorge, Smalblaar Canyon or The Eye contact us.

You can also book your kloofing adventure online by following the links above.

Less Extreme Options

If you haven’t done this kind of thing before, but want to try an exhilarating day out kloofing, then Smalblaar and The Eye offer the same thrills but are not as long.

Suicide Gorge is  18km and can take 9hrs!

When to Go

The Suicide Gorge route is open from 1 November to 30 April every year, weather permitting, while Smalblaar is available year round. Make sure to book ahead as the routes are limited to a certain number of people especially over weekends.

For more information on these adventure activities see our kloofing page.